Workshop: Saint-Laurent du Maroni, The Urban Transition of a French City in the Amazon

TELEINTERNETCAFE (Urs Kumberger) in den Tropen zum Workshop „The Urban Transition of a French City in the Amazon“ in Saint-Laurent du Maroni, Französisch-Guyana, veranstaltet von Les Ateliers de maîtrise d’œuvre urbaine.

Aus dem Programm:

„In 2015, the French Guiana Public Organization for Planning (EPAG), the City of Saint-Laurent du Maroni, the French Development Agency, and the association Les Ateliers de Cergy, partnered together to organize a workshop on the theme of territorial solidarity and urban development for the city of Saint-Laurent du Maroni, with regard to the rapid population growth it is witnessing. What relationships are to be developed with the City of Cayenne, the main city of Guiana soon to be overrun by Saint-Laurent in terms of inhabitants, and with the neighboring Suriname, in this context of strong urban development? How to use this strong population growth as a development opportunity for the city? What urban new shapes can be created, being both innovative and respectful of Saint-Laurent strong cultural and historical identity, based on some habits that remain today very rural? How to use the resources of the territory and the label „city of art and history“ that was given to the city to develop tourism? In order to answer these questions and many more, a long term outlook (by 2060) is necessary, to allow for the forethought of these phenomena of growth, whereas today, the responses to questions like those of housing and infrastructure can only be made in terms of recovery, as the needs are so exponential.“

6.5.2016 – 20.5.2016, Saint-Laurent du Maroni, Französisch-Guayana.

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